About Us
Cigma Events creates strategies that endure people to brands and organizations. We set the stage that ultimately drives your business. We have passed the arduous endurance test to become India's leading integrated event management company. Passing this uphill and demanding test has not only created a niche for us in the event management market but has provided newer opportunities for corporations to confidently use our services.

As a premier event management company we donít see events as merely any passing occasion, we see them as opportunities for organizations to interact, connect, and relate with channel partners, employees and customers. Our unique, lively and energetic events build a vibrant relationship that echoes enduring brand loyalty, which further nurtures and ensures the growth of our valued clients and their organizations.

Cigma Events is driven by the desire to connect people to businesses and brands. We help you forge and create that special bond between your organization and people, which builds strong relationships that eventually provide the vital link between success and failure.

Cigma Events, over the years has catered to a plethora of clients from diverse industries. Our key clients include well-known companies from Information Technology, Automotive, Financial Services, Telecom, National Associations & Trade bodies, Media & Entertainment, Electronics, FMCG and Pharmaceutical. As we move into the future we are confident that our exclusive services will be sought after by many businesses across all industries.

Cigma Events believes that people are the key driving force for any business or organization. So, we help create for you People Strategies rather than common Business Strategies.
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